Part 2 Live Respected, Die Regretted continues Gerald’s story, travelling from Itla Oudem far in the desert, being stuck in the salt flats and the push into Libya and on to Ben Guardane and the Mareth Line until after drinking water from a well contaminated with dead bodies he contracted diphtheria and ended up in a South African field hospital. During recuperation he received commando training and then joined the 804 Veterinary and Remount Conducting Section travelling through Italy moving thousands of horses until he finally arrived in Austria. The war in Europe ended during his time there and he enjoyed time fishing in the Austrian streams. Thousands of horses were moved at that time. The OC to the 6 Armed Div reported approx 50000 horses with surrendered personnel. The Cossacks had some 21000 of this number. He eventually got leave and was reunited with Eva for a few weeks in September 1945.

Waiting for demob was demoralising. He was stationed at Cresselly House in Wales for several months. After fighting for his country, and enduring the horrors of war for what he believed in he found the day to day routine frustrating until one day in 1946 he returned to Stourbridge and settled there for the rest of his life.